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Jonathan's G-FORCE ZM Riding Experience

May 09, 2024 GMike

Jonathan's G-FORCE ZM Riding Experience

I am 6 ft 300 lb. Big guy obviously. Really enjoy the whole e-bike and scooter movement and recently purchased an off-road scooter but realize that I much prefer the e-bike. The ZM was perfect for me. It has a 400 lb capacity, extra battery capacity and looks tough as hell! I did purchase with the exytra battery. On my 1st ride, I went 14 miles on the 20ah battery alone. I had three cells left when I got back to my house leading me to believe I probably could have got a total of 40 to 50 miles with both batteries. That's perfect for me.

The riding experience was great all the way around. Fast enough and responsive. The headlight is bright and broad in range. The only two upgrades I'm going to do are the seat padding which I've already done, see pictures but also the hand grips. The ones that come with are fine. I just like a little more cushion. I also installed an alarm under the seat and rear view mirror.

I got the bike up to about 25 miles an hour which is plenty fast for me. I was able to go up hills and the braking was perfect going downhills or just coming to a quick stop. If this is a budget bike then I wonder what a non budget bike would be like. If you're thinking about purchasing for the price point then I don't think you could do better. This bike looks spectacular! Definitely a head turner.
Great job G-Force!

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