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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose E-bikes

June 24, 2021 GMichael

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose E-bikes

Cycling is currently becoming futuristic transportation amid corona-virus concerns. In addition to ubiquitous regular bicycles, riding an electric bicycle seems to be an ideal alternative to public transportation that you can simply go from point A to B safely and less sweaty. Unsurprisingly, a surge in cycling demands for adventure activities and exercise to some extent has been a long push to the increase of electric bikes. The question is, is it a good idea to take one e-bike?

1.Lead eco-friendly lifestyles

We all know that electronic bikes are far more sustainable and green transportation than motor vehicles, which draws our attention to automobile CO2 emission and air pollution. Motor vehicles, being a major air pollution contributor, burn thousands of gasoline and emit thousands of carbon dioxide per year that carries serious health risks for humanity. By contrast, ebike riding allows you to live an eco-friendly lifestyle - with rechargeable batteries that you can go from place to place up to 20-50 km/h. Think about a certain distance, a pedal-assist bicycle could get you faster to the destination than a traditional bicycle, at the same time converging the convenience that a car brings.

2.Get you to exercise more

Clinging to the incentives of fitness and outdoor sports, you might be wondering how to get exercise as e-bikes adopt electric motor to drive the wheels. Isn't that just a conveyance in place of walking for those who want to go around effortlessly? Well, not exactly! An electric bicycle can usually work under a system called the pedelec system, which denotes that a rider will get pedaling assistance to keep moving at a constant speed. It gives much mental and physical boost that a rider needs, particularly when he or she encounters incredible steep inclines or hills. Thus, cyclists, who ride ebikes for the workout, could pedal to a longer distance through adjusting the power assistance at will.

3.Free from a sweaty commute

Say bye-bye to sweaty cycling! There is a mass attitude shift towards cycling - people used to take cycling as exercise or sports until the advent of electric bikes. No wonder ebikes could greatly save our energy and time to ride somewhere like workplaces than normal bicycles - you do not have to worry about rumple clothes or makeup. Whether there are crosswinds, headwinds, or any challenging terrain ahead, riding an e-bike takes little effort to get to the places you want to go, an ideal transport for commuting. Even with load-hauling, you could easily cover distances.

4.No more traffic congestion

Perhaps there is nothing more than traffic congestion making you more frustrating in the rush hour, which prolongs your commuting time far higher. Hence, more and more people incline to e-cycling to work on a daily basis, switching from cars, which immensely allays their concerns about being late because of the traffic jams. Commuting by ebikes has advantages over other transport, for example, you can cut down on your commute time easily by riding an ebike - no more agitating jams, instead you will get fresh air and the open road.

5.Easy for newbies

If you are a newbie to electric bikes... Don't worry! Ebikes are just like regular bicycles, two wheels getting you from place to place. What makes them different is that ebikes extend their possibilities - they come with electric motors to provide pedal assistance and more power to move. Being user-friendly - whatever your age is, it is quite easy to pick up. You just need to pedal as usual and use its pedal-assist function to help uphill or cross a rough road. Nowadays, some e-bikes also meld multiple advanced functionalities in technology, designed with a purely throttle-powered mode that we could get faster and use as a means of transport instead of walking.

6.Foldable for easy carry

Need to transfer to the metro? There is out of questions that folding ebikes could be folded up to suitcase size, and you can take it to public transport. Plus, unlike regular motorcycle or non-folding electronic bicycles, you do not have to worry about the storage and carry for the foldable e-bikes, that they could be easily folded up to put in the trunk or into the home without occupying much space.

7.Go easy on your wallet

E-bike is a favorable means of green transport, compared to vehicles with which you have to face with big jams, extra parking charge, expensive gas expenses, insurance premium, strain parking land... Have you ever figure out all the costs involved in a car? Think of the same distance from home (under 50km), isn't that riding an e-bike is a great saving than driving?

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