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Phone Holder
Phone Holder
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Ebike Mirror
HD Wide-Angle Rearview Mirror (a pair)
Ebike Lock
Ebike Lock
E-Bike Helmet
E-Bike Helmet
Portable Electric Air Pump
Portable Electric Air Pump
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48V 12Ah
30 Miles
Hydraulic Suspension
Tubeless Fat Tires
Dual Disc Brake
6061 Aluminum
250 Lbs

G-FORCE 500W Brushless Motor

Packs a punch with 800W peak power and 65 Nm of torque, making it a breeze to conquer hills up to 25 degrees incline.

Full Color LCD Display

The G-FORCE S10 has a cool color LCD screen that shows you everything from battery life to how fast you're going and even how far you've ridden. Plus, the grips are super grippy and the thumb throttle helps prevent wrist pain on those long rides.

G-FORCE 500W Brushless Motor

The G-FORCE S10 Scooter comes with a badass brushless geared hub motor that we developed ourselves. It pumps out 800W of peak power and 65 Nm of torque, so you can easily crush hills with inclines up to 20 degrees. Plus, our Variable Frequency Drive High-Speed Motor means this electric bike can handle a max payload of 250 lbs.
We custom-make our electric motors using rare-earth neodymium magnets and a monitoring system to prevent overheating. Trust us, we've been meticulous about every detail.

Power Motor

Motor Torque

Tubeless Fat Tires 10"×2.5"

The S10's new tubeless tires are 95% less likely to give you a flat compared to the old ones. Plus, they grip the road like nobody's business and provide maximum comfort and shock absorption.

Our tech team even upgraded them to fat 10" x 2.5" tires for extra stability and safety while riding.

Explosion-Proof Tires
Tubeless Tires

10” X 2.5”
Fat Tires

Long-Range Lithium Battery

Highly safe Li-ion batteries (48V 12Ah) can run up to 30 miles on a single charge. Its intelligent power management system provides six types of safety measures: short circuit protection, resistance to high temperature, overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, under-voltage protection, and over-discharge protection.

30 Miles
Per Charge
48V 12Ah
Lithium-Ion Battery

Dual Disc Brake

Dual Disc Brake

Disc brakes perform a better job of heat dissipation and braking effect than traditional drum brakes. In addition, the G-FORCE S10, as opposed to the electric scooters at the same level, apply dual disc brakes to the front and rear wheels, resulting in a boost in braking efficiency.

One-step Folding

One-step Folding

G-FORCE S10 can be easily folded in just 3 seconds. Take it on public transportation, store it in your car, and anywhere you want to put it.

Rear Taillight and Turn Signals

Whilst turning on the night light, the taillights will also illuminate.
The turn signals flash when turning. The red taillights and turn signals produce an increased level of safety when riding at night.

Rear Taillight
Safe Travel
With G-FORCE S10


Electric Scooter features
Hydraulic Suspension

Hydraulic Suspension

The S10 model adopts a hydraulic shock absorbing system that’s made up of high-strength aluminum alloy, enhancing the damping effect by 55% than the previous version, allowing extreme comfort of the riders experience even on bumpy roads.

Adjustable Handlebar

Adjustable Handlebar

Considering users of different heights, our research teams designed a handlebar to raise or lower for the perfect fit. You can adjust it according to your height needs and comfort.

Daytime Running Lamp

Daytime Running Lamp

The DRL will be switched on automatically when the power is turned on. It functions as an indicator for others to spot your oncoming scooter, making riding on the road safer.

Ultra-Bright Headlight

Ultra-Bright Headlight

When riding in low-visibility conditions at night, you can also turn on the integrated LED headlight to further illuminate the road. Along with the taillights, the S10 assures you of a safer riding experience.

  • Battery48V 12Ah lithium battery
  • Charger US standard 2.0A smart charger
  • Max Range 30 Miles
  • Weight 46 pounds
  • Hub Motor 500W brushless gear motor
  • KD or Not 99% pre-assembled
  • Total Payload Capacity250 lbs
  • Display CapacityFull color LCD display
  • Recommended Rider Heights5'1" ~ 6'4"
  • Tires10" x 2.5" tubeless tire
  • Frame6061 aluminum
  • Max Speed20MPH
  • A -- Handlebar Width22"
  • B -- Deck Width10"
  • C -- Deck Range31.5"
  • D -- Total Length45.6"
  • E -- Wheelbase37"
  • F -- Wheel Diameter10"
  • G -- Highest Handlebar Height50"
  • H -- The Retractable Height of the Handle7"

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