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T42 Error Code: 21

The “ERROR 21” message indicates the abnormality of motor current, which is normally caused by over-current. You can proceed as follows: Step 1: Locate the controller, perform an overall check for all the cables that go from the controller. The...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Error Code: 22

The “ERROR 22” message on the LCD display is related to the throttle. Follow the steps listed below to troubleshoot the issue:   Step 1: Power on the bike, note whether the bike has gained any pedal assistance when you...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Error Code: 23

If your G-force T42 is getting a message of “ERROR 23” on the LCD display, it indicates the missing phase of the motor. You can take the following steps:   Step 1: Locate the motor cable, which is on the...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Error Code: 25

An “ERROR 25” code displayed on the LCD monitor indicates the interruption or intermittency of the braking signal. It occurs when there is a failure existing in the brake cutoff system. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to get your G-force...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Error Code: 24

The message “ERROR 24” on the LCD display indicates the intermittency of the Hall signal from the motor, typically as a result of a loose connector. Follow the steps below to let your G-force T42 function normally:   Step 1:...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Error Code: 30

If your G-force T42 is throwing an “ERROR 30” message on the LCD display, the most common cause is the controller malfunction. This error code indicates that the communication signals that go from the electronic parts are intermittent or totally interrupted. Sometimes cable failures like...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0