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Barry's G-FORCE T42 Riding Experience

July 06, 2022 GMichael

Barry's G-FORCE T42 Riding Experience

Q: Tell us more about you:
A: Born and raised in California. I have always enjoyed outdoor activities like surfing, swimming, skiing, camping, and hiking, any excuse to be outdoors.

Q: Which city are you located in? Is the city you live in a good place to ride ebikes/fat tire ebikes?
A: I live in Fontana, California. We have the Pacific Electric trail. It runs right behind my house and I love riding on that trail. There are lots of other trails close by that are great for fat tire ebikes. I can wait until I am able to ride them all. I also, enjoy taking my ebike to the beach and riding it on the bike path down there.

Q: Can you share any nice cycling routes that you've been to? 
A: The cycling route I use the most is the Pacific Electric trail. One of the reasons is the fact that it is so close to my house. It is 26 miles long. It is a fairly is easy ride, no steep inclines, just a nice smooth ride, especially with an ebike.

Q: How did you hear about G-force EBike
A: I saw a video on YouTube.

Q: Why did you choose G-force Ebike? 
A: I really liked the look of the T42. Also, I liked the idea that it was a foldable ebike, it meant that I could easily transport it to different places I like to go and ride. I like all the features that it offered for what I thought was a great price compared to the competition.

Q: Briefly introduce your electric bike, such as its appearance, speed, battery, hill climb, tire, performance, etc. 
A: The T42 comes in a nice matte black finish, that I really like. The top speed that I was able to reach was 32mph. with PAS. The battery life does pretty good, considering the amount of torque and speed it has. I love the feel and control I get with the fat tires, and the look is pretty cool too. The T42 is super easy to handle especially when use off road. It works great on road or off road, no matter what where you ride or how, you will have a very comfortable ride.

Q: How do you feel after taking it to a ride for the 1st time? 
A: I could not believe the power it had and easy it was to handle. It was so much fun! I knew right then and there I was hooked on ebikes.

Q: Favorite accessories and why?
A: I love all the accessories the T42 has, but the one that I enjoy the most is that it folds. It makes transporting it so easy and it folds up so compact. Perfect for someone that likes to go places that to enjoy the scenery.

Q: How will you use your G-force EBike?
A: Most for recreation. Lately, I have been using it to run to the store to pick up a few things and I am considering taking to work.

Q: Where have you been explored? 
A: I have explored dozens of different trails in my area, on-road and off. It takes to the beach, camping, foothills and some resorts I have stayed in.

Q: What advice would you give to those who are considering getting an ebike?
A: If you like having fun and want an excuse to get out. Buy an ebike. You will fall in love with ebikes!

Q: Did you have some suggestions for G-force Ebike? Please don't hesitate to tell us. 
A: The only thing that comes to mind is, I would like to see more accessories for your ebikes. For example, baskets or racks.

  • John W on

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences Barry. It helps us to picture possibilities. I’m so new, my T42 isn’t here yet…lol

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