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Customer Feedback of T42 in June 2022

July 06, 2022 GMichael

Customer Feedback of T42 in June 2022

Bryan B. Feedback: I absolutely love this ebike. I had my license revoked and can't get them back for another 2 years. So I started taking an Uber to and from work. It was costing me $200+ a week just in Ubers alone. So Ive been looking at ebikes since the super 73 and new I wanted one one day. So I browsed around and found the G-Force t42 and my browsing stopped because this ebike was the best bang for your buck. A 750 watt motor at their price point is unbeatable. I use it to get back and forth from work religiously now saving me a ton of money. It's fast, has many different option modes. Nice clean looking ebike. I love it. Thank you G-Force!!! G-force t42!!!


Brandon H. Feedback: I just want to say I absolutely love the bike, it got here very fast with no issues, I’ve already put 100 miles on it and enjoyed every single one of them. I’ve gotten so many compliments and everyone seems to want one. This bike was worth every penny and after a long time searching and looking at the options out there I’m so glad I went with G-Force.


Roy J. Feedback: My real name is Roy Jensen Jr. Dutchy is my nick name. Alexander Puli is my buddy who lives in San Jose CA. I purchased the bike, I sent it to him. He is the one who got the bike to me.

I told him most of the eBike companies only sent their bikes to the 48 states, free of shipping. Alaska and Hawaii is out. So he told me, if you find a good one, “send it to me” I’ll find a way of getting it to you. So I got excited again and started searching for a eBike. The features I wanted was: folding and fat tires. Full fenders and fender rack, brake light and front headlight made it easy choice for me to pick the G Force T-42. I was so excited about getting that Ebike, that I totally forgot some of the details I wanted you to do before shipping it out. Like take out the battery and ship it separately. The box was a little too heavy. Without the battery it might have made it. The next and big one is the battery. Most Airlines won’t allow batteries on passenger aircraft. I did know he had friends who worked on Airlines that flew cargo. I don’t know what he did, but I got the bike a day before he saiid it would arrive. I put a full charge on the battery.

I have never had or rode an Ebike. I never understood what peddle-assist was. I found out how fast that this bike is. It had a lot of power, very well made and the brakes worked very well. Whew! My Neibhor bought couple of used ebikes and he crashed a couple of times just trying to figure out how everything works. He warned me, You better wear your helmet. Thank God, He gave me a “hard head”. I rode it several times throughout the day when I had some time and it was very enjoyable. I never crashed yet! At almost sunset, I went around my subdivision a couple of times got a good feel with my bike. I am very comfortable riding this bike. It’s definitely a 5 star. With all the ups and downs I had to go through and being from Hawaii, to where the bike can’t be shipped and the cargo fare. This bike is well worth the price I paid. This is the place to ride. All Seasons are the same. I can ride just about all year round. Couple of my friends want to get their own bikes but say the same thing “they don’t ship to Hawaii” They don’t know that I got my bike. The questions, I know, G Force T-42 they don’t and they’ll see and find out quick. There are many good places around here. Trails along the beaches. Just One Day was all I needed to say I made the right choice.

Have fun with it. I know it was an adventure in getting this bike in my hands. Thank you for this ride that I took.


John S. Feedback: I thank you for allowing me to take the time to rate your product or in this case the G Force T42 Foldable E-Bike. I researched 4 other foldable bikes in the $1000 to $2000 dollar range and the T42 came out on top. It was important to me, as a consumer to accumulate as much ride performance data in a finite windows to get a good feel for the bikes capabilities.
I have ridden 150 miles on the T42 and feel confident, for the price point combined with the specifications this E-bike does exactly what it was designed to do.

This purchase was my first introduction to the E-Bike world and I subsequently found out that I am geared towards off road riding; which may not necessarily translate into a good review of the T42. However, the bike seems to work great on dirt roads/trails as long as they are relatively smooth and wide open as opposed to rough surface, rocks, tight turns, etc…

I ride the bike about every other day, 70% on dirt trails and 30% on road.
I am easily achieving 20+ mile range per charge using peddle assist 90% of my ride time. I have range anxiety so I do not like to push the battery too hard.
My top speed using peddle assist on a flat road surface is 28 to 29.5 mph.

I liked the fact that the T42 had front suspension and nice fat 4 inch tires combined with hydraulic brakes and the upgraded 750 watt motor. Not to mention the upgraded fenders and a sturdy rear rack. It was also the lightest (58lbs) of the E-bikes that I researched which helps when folding and transporting. I am looking to add a suspension seat post to further smooth out the ride performance as well as a surf board rack (if I can find one that will fit) and front basket/rack.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the T42 and recommend this bike if your looking for a foldable style E-bike.
I’m having a lot of fun and look forward to riding it for many more miles.

Thank you and may the G-Force be with you,

  • Michael Harmon on

    Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for this well made bike. I’m a 72 year old engineer so I was very selective in my choice for an E-bike. The T42 checked all my boxes. It arrived a day early but., alas, it must have been dropped on it’s nose at some point in shipping. The suspension fork was all jacked out of shape. I texted customer support and within the promised week I had a brand new fork by DHL from the factory in China. Very impressive!

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G-FORCE T42 Upgrade version T5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

G-FORCE T42 Upgrade version T5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

G-FORCE T5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

G-FORCE T5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

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