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Customer Feedback of T42 in Dec 2023

December 27, 2023 GMichael

Customer Feedback of T42 in Dec 2023

Nick L. Feedback: My name is Nick and I must say I did my research for months between Lectric and G-FORCE. I'm happy to say I made the right decision. It's been fun and adventurous exploring the beach the hills, campgrounds, small towns ext. I would highly recommend this brand and there customer service I just reached my 100 mile mark and hope to continue many more successful rides. Thanks agian, also attached is a awesome photo I got with the bike on the beaches of the Santa Cruz Monterey coast line.

Judy D. Feedback: Ordered on a Monday, shipped on Tuesday, I received on Friday. Great packing, no shipping damage. I absolutely have no negatives to say about it. Bike performs excellently.

Evan T. Feedback: Bike seems to be made well. Fast, operates as should, and easy to fold. The only downside to the bike is i wish the handlebars were alittle wider to be able to add mounts and accessories easily. Also wish there was a front rack.

Jesse A. Feedback: I love my bike I ride every day I get a chance still learn how to navigate the system and getting use to the speeds wish it came with instructions to how it works and what the letters mean and more accessories mirrors other than that Great bike I luv it

Rick I. Feedback: I bought the bike because I wanted a bike that I could haul in my Sprinter van. I have not put it in the van yet, so I do not know how well it will fit, but I will be checking it out soon. I was very impressed with the way it was packed and the ease of getting it on the road. I live in a large senior community where there are lots of golf carts and some ebikes and I am looking forward to using my bike to run around. I am planning a trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon this summer. Attached is a picture of me and my son-in-law on our bikes. He had trouble keeping up with me on his 200cc Yamaha.

James F. Feedback: What can I say other than WOW!?!? I received my T42 on Dec 8th and I love it. The weather has not been very cooperative, but I have had a chance to get about 50 miles riding around town and running errands. I also must raise up your customer service team. Previous to the bike arriving I would check in weekly and your team would patiently respond to my questions,. I am an incredibly happy thus far.

Sebastian H. Feedback: Having said that I really like how it rides. I like the speed, the acceleration. I was riding through the San Fernando Valley, running errands and almost always riding it full speed at 28 mp/h which is pretty fast. The brakes are also excellent.

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