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Customer Feedback of T42 in July 2022

August 04, 2022 CC

Customer Feedback of T42 in July 2022

Gittel G. Feedback: I'm really happy I picked this e-bike from G-force. The build quality is great, the brakes are instant, and the motor accelerates to 30mph in seconds on flat ground. The only downside is that the ride is a bit bumpy with no rear suspension, but if you don't plan on off-roading with the bike it should be fine. And be warned, the quoted mileage can Read more about review stating It's amazing!!!be attained if you cap your speed at 20 mph (which isn't too slow) but the battery will quickly drain if you stay on full 30mph throttle as the motor doesn't rest and runs constantly. I'm really happy I bought this bike!

Joseph I. Feedback: The GeForce T42 is the best value for a bike you can get. They're always upgrading always trying to stay ahead. From upgrading their motor, to upgrading there controller to 22 amps probably 25 now. 80 NM of torque Even the more powerful bikes don't have that much don't know why. To their hydraulic brakes, excellent build quality, all-terrain fat tRead more about review stating CAN'T BEAT THIS BIKE FOR THE MONEY!!ires, great thumb throttle that is so overlooked. People complained about this I guess cuz it's on the left side. It's absolutely Set perfectly This is a bicycle not a motorcycle. Motorcycles kind of have to do The throttle on the right.. other e-bikes just copy this You get risk fatigue and you can't grab the break as good. They learned to take advantage of having an e-bike!! They just seem to have everything just a little bit better, The lights are brighter, electronic horn, expanded bigger frame, hydraulic brakes, heavy duty rack. Even the seatpost is a little bit bigger including the seat. 20X4 FAT TIRES puncture resistant. No taxes at shipping!! They made a bigger capacity frame to have up to a 20 AH battery!! Their customer service is great!! They always try to help fix stuff. They even go above and beyond what they have to send you parts and tell you how to fix things. Sorry so say I also own the LECTRIC 2.0 order the GeForce T42 and that one XP 2.0 For my wife because it's a smaller bike. And the difference was only $86 for the G-Force!! Yep 1199 + $50 coupon no taxes!! Don't mean to bash another company not really doing that I just speak the truth and own both of them.. I think that LECTRIC is falling behind because they're such a big company now a big middle man that they can't keep up with the Joneses as they say with all the upgrades. FIRST HAND SEEING BOTH. G-FORCE IS SOOO MUCH BETTER IN A LOT OF WAYS SOME OF THEM I MENTIONED ABOVE!! I think they're getting overwhelmed because of how popular they are they might have to add more customer service people!! Expanding quickly!!

Ronald T. Feedback: What a absolutely treat of bike this is. Living in NYC with pot holes and major traffic this bike performs like a champ. I have not 1 thing to say about my bike. Fast bike as well. Got mines up to 34mph. Not sure if it's cause of the 20amp battery I went with. Thanx G force

Ichael B. Feedback: After tons of research on reasonably priced folding ebikes, I choose the T42 wIth the 768wh battery. Very happy with the power, range, hydraulic brakes, thumb throttle, lights, fenders and the seat even has suspension! Well worth the price with all of these extras included. It arrived sooner than expected and is easy to assemble. Customer service Read more about review stating WOW!answered my e-mails quickly with plenty of extra info. Would suggest you seriously look at this bike.

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G-FORCE T42 Upgrade version T5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

G-FORCE T42 Upgrade version T5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

G-FORCE T5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

G-FORCE T5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

$1,099.00 $1,499.00

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