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G-FORCE T42 Rider Interviews from Jon P.

G-FORCE T42 Rider Interviews from Jon P.

Name:  Jon P
Q: Tell us more about you:
A: 40-year-old business owner who lines in the Pac. NW. We love riding bikes with our kids and I always wanted an E-bike.

Q: Which city are you located in? Is the city you live in a good place to ride ebikes/fat tire ebikes?
A: Eugene Oregon. It's great for bikes.

Q: Can you share any nice cycling routes that you've been to? 
A: All around town are bike paths and they circle the Willamette river. It's wonderful

Q: How did you hear about G-force EBike? 
A: Youtube review.

Q: Why did you choose G-force Ebike? 
A: Great review, great price, length of charge, and build quality

Q: What is your G-force Ebike model?   
A: T-42

Q: How do you feel after taking it to a ride for the 1st time? 
A: It was awesome. Great power and a blast to ride.

Q: How will you use your G-force EBike?
A: For fun and commuting during good weather.

Q: Where have you been explored? 
A: Not much yet, winter season.

Q: What advice would you give to those who are considering getting an ebike?
A: Get one, totally worth it. Also, keep in mind they are heavy and big. This is not a bad thing!

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