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Nguyen's G-FORCE T42 Riding Experience

Nguyen's G-FORCE T42 Riding Experience
Q: Tell us more about you:
A: I'm an adventurous person who likes to travel and discover new things. I like to ride my bike everywhere to be active.

Q: Which city are you located in? Is the city you live in a good place to ride ebikes/fat tire ebikes?
A: Santa Ana and it is a good place to ride ebike.

Q: Can you share any nice cycling routes that you've been to?
A: There's a bike route near my house called Santa Ana River Trail and it would take me straight to the beach.

Q: How did you hear about G-force EBike?
A:I heard about G force ebike from Google searching.

Q: Why did you choose G-force Ebike?
A: I chose it because it is good value for a bike that can be foldable and has good speed. It is a well-made bike, has good speed, and it's foldable for good value are some of the reasons why I chose G-force bike.

Q: What is your G-force Ebike model?
A: I have the G-Force T42

Q: Briefly introduce your electric bike, such as its appearance, speed, battery, hill climb, tire, performance, etc.
A: The bike looks like a mini motorcycle at first glance and the paint is really nice. The speed is good and it can easily climb hills without issues. The battery lasts for a whole day with 20 miles ride. The tire has a very good traction and it doesn't slip.

Q: How do you feel after taking it to a ride for the 1st time?
A: I feel so excited and I rode it everywhere in my neighborhood for the first time.

Q: Favorite accessories and why?
A: The throttle is my favorite accessory because I use it when I get tired

Q: How will you use your G-force EBike?
A: I use my G-force for my daily commute to work and my weekend trip to the beach

Q: How will you use your G-force EBike?
A: I ride the ebike to work daily and ride to the beach every weekend!

Q: Where have you been explored?
A: I've explored many beaches like Santa Ana River Trail, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach.

Q: What advice would you give to those who are considering getting an ebike?
A: My advice is don't wait and get the ebike. Very worth the purchase since it can be utilized for everything for every day like grocery shopping, meeting with friends, exploring.

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