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Tips for E-Biking in the Heat of Summer

Tips for E-Biking in the Heat of Summer

The temperature is scorching as summer is upon us, reaching up to 30 degrees Celsius and even higher in the next few months. While there comes bright sunny days, and you're probably looking for all sorts of outdoor activities, it's hard to weigh up whether you should do outdoor sports in the sweltering heat for relaxation or workout. That means a whole set of challenges and the risks of dehydration and painful sunburn to come along with, let alone hot-weather riding. So we couldn't enjoy cycling during the whole hot summertime? Apparently, you could consider riding an electric bicycle and enjoy the outdoors. You can cruise around on full boost power at a faster speed. Meanwhile, e-bikes can work the same as regular bikes and get you in a good workout, but give you a little help when you pedal hard.

Well, before e-cycling in such roasting weather, we still have to make some preparations to deal with high temperatures. Without further ado, here are some tips.


If you're going to set off on an e-cycling tour, sunscreen is essential to skin protection while excessive exposure to sunlight may lead to skin cancer and varying degrees of sunburn. Sunburn usually appears within a few hours' exposures to the hot sun of summer, which makes people itchy and extremely painful.

You should always wear an adequate amount of sunscreen that delivers stunning UV protection (SPF 30 or higher is recommended), and remember to cover any exposed areas of your skin like arms, ears, and the back of your neck. Then reapply at least every two hours, particularly taking an e-biking touring of long-distance.


When riding an e-bike in the heat, you might be pondering the most effective way to keep yourself cool and dithering over what to wear. Normally, it is unnecessary to wear technical cycle clothing for a short ride, but breathable and light fabrics help draw sweat away from your body. For long or hot rides, you should wear a well-fitting cycling jersey and shorts that wick sweat away rapidly, allowing you to have an e-cycling tour with comfort and cool.

Sweat is always streaming down your cheeks and foreheads in such hot weather, which might drip into your eyes. You can wear a sweatband around your head as well to absorb dripping sweat, in case sweat stings your eyes. Meanwhile, wearing a pair of sunglasses is essential to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Lenses not only serve as a good way to filter out UV rays but keep you a clear sight from oncoming dust and annoying bugs.


Riding on the scorching summer day, some people tend to get dehydrated as perspiration evaporates to cool the body down but at the same time they lose much water this way. Nothing is more important than keeping hydrated throughout the hot rides. The optimal ways of maintaining adequate hydration are drinking before you set off and drinking often. Bring ample water with you if there is no water supply along the way.

You might have little appetite since it is very sultry and your body begins overheating. The major obstacle is to replenish your energy. Snacking before you get hot seems a good way of energy-boosting. Or you're much likely to drinks with electrolytes than eating energy bars. Bring some concentrated sports drinks or effervescent tablets that contain electrolytes such as sodium and potassium to fuel your body.


As the temperature hovers to 30 Celsius degree, you should consider how to plan a summer e-biking trip in as many shadowy woods as possible. Choosing a tree-lined street or a leafy narrow path to keep out of the sun could make your summer e-biking trip more enjoyable.


An effective way to beat the heat for your riding is to shun the hottest hours of the day - from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. That means you do not have to worry about the intense ray of the sun by setting out early in the morning. Or split your e-cycle touring or workouts. Take a break at mid-day, and then continue your rides after 2 p.m.

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