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T42 Battery Lock Cylinder Replacement Guide

The upgraded version of G-force T42 comes with an ignition lock cylinder that you can turn the key to connect the battery power. It is a crucial component of your bike.


If you accidentally lost the battery pack key, you may need to replace the lock cylinder and keys at the same time since G-force does not have a replacement key.


To complete the job of replacing the lock cylinder, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Locate the keyhole, put the key into it, and twist to the unlocked position. Pull the key out, then you’ll be able to remove the battery pack from the frame.


Note: This step is quite simple. But if your key is lost, the process will require extra steps.


Step 2: Unscrew 2 screws to open the battery case, and take out the lock cylinder.


Step 3: Locate the positive and negative terminals, desolder the wire ends with a soldering iron.


Step 4: Swap out the lock cylinder. Hold the hot soldering iron to solder two wires in place.


Step 5: Correctly put the lock cylinder back and fasten the battery case.


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