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Replacement of Parts

S10 LED Display Replacement Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of replacing the LED display on your scooter. It is a fairly simple task that does not require much special knowledge. Please note that this guide is for the S10 model specifically. Remove the...

GMike Feb 27, 2023 0

S10 Hub Motor Replacement Guide

The G-FORCE S10 comes with a hub (in-wheel) motor to power the scooter forward. That is to say, the electric motor is incorporated directly into the hub of the rear wheel - the motor and wheel are one, so what...

GMike Feb 27, 2023 0

T42 Fixing a rear flat tire

Designed to work with all terrains, the G-force T42 provides 4” puncture-proof fat tires. It increases the tire thickness to minimize the risk of punctures. If a flat tire happens to your rear tire, please follow the instructions below on...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Motor controller replacement

A motor controller is arguably the brain of your G-force T42, which manipulates and coordinate all electronic components to perform your tasks. It can be characterized as the core component among them. When it comes to replacing the motor controller...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 LCD Display replacement

When you need to replace a damaged LCD display, please follow the below steps.   Step 1: Turn off the bike, flip over the LCD display, and remove the screws on the mounting brackets.   Step 2: Unplug the connector...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Pedal assist sensor replacement

How to replace the sensor for the G-force T42? To accomplish this, follow the below steps.   Step 1: First, turn off the bike. Unplug the sensor connector, which is near the crankset. Note: Hold and pull the connector halves apart...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Motor Replacement Guide

The electric motor is crucial to keeping your G-force T42 running normally. Sometimes the wheel hub assembly needs to be changed, either due to the faulty motor or due to the damaged motor cable that comes from the center of the wheel...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

T42 Battery Lock Cylinder Replacement Guide

The upgraded version of G-force T42 comes with an ignition lock cylinder that you can turn the key to connect the battery power. It is a crucial component of your bike.   If you accidentally lost the battery pack key,...

Mike G Oct 28, 2022 0

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