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Paul's G-FORCE T42 Riding Experience

Paul's G-FORCE T42 Riding Experience
Q: Tell us more about you:
A: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a commercial photographer that enjoys riding bikes in the beautiful California weather.

Q: Which city are you located in?
A: I currently live in Santa Clara, CA

Q: Is the city where you live a good place to ride ebikes/fat tire ebikes?
A: We have plenty of trails that are both paved and unpaved which are great for riding with fat tires. I chose the T42 because the foldability allows me to put it in the trunk of my car and drive over the hill to Santa Cruz to enjoy a casual late afternoon bike ride along the coast.

Q: Can you share any nice cycling routes that you've been to?
A: My favorite is the Cliff Drive trail in Santa Cruz that I rode from Santa Cruz to Capitola and back.

Q: Why did you choose G-FORCE Ebike?
A: The price was good, the components on the bike were what I was looking for. I like the hydraulic brakes, thumb throttle, and front suspension.

Q: What is your G-force Ebike model?

Q: Briefly introduce your electric bike, such as its appearance, speed, battery, hill climb, tire, performance, etc.
A: T42 is a foldable 500 watt motor electric bike. Some of the features include hydraulic brakes, 28 MPH top speed, 10.4 Amp Hour battery, 20” fat tires and a programmable computer. Climbing hills is very easy when in the lower gears and using some pedal assist. You do not need to be in shape to climb hills anymore!

Q: How do you feel after taking it to a ride for the 1st time?
A: It felt fast and comfortable to ride. My longest ride was 38 miles and it felt great.

Q: Favorite accessories and why?
A: So far I only have a Cell phone holder, a cup holder, and a small carrying bag that goes behind the seat for items to fix flat tire.

Q: How will you use your G-force EBike?
A: I use my bike for relaxing bike rides in the trails throughout the city and occasionally take it to climb some hills on the trials.

Q: Where have you been explored?
A: The trails at Santa Teresa park and also Santa Cruz beach

Q: What advice would you give to those who are considering getting a ebike?
A: I highly recommend getting an ebike. I believe that most people that buy a traditional bike will ride it for the first couple of months but then they end up hanging on the wall in the garage never to be touched again. This is because most people view riding bikes as a leisurely activity but forget that it also takes some exercise to ride bikes especially when going up hills and riding against the wind. The ebike allows you to regulate how much workout you want to do. You can get a strenuous workout by keeping the pedal assist low, or you can enjoy a leisurely bike ride by using high level pedal assist or just the throttle for no workout at all. It’s all up to you!

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